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"Michel Allen, the dynamic leader of Allen Projects, is one of the most forward-thinking, goal-oriented, and creative marketing and public relations professionals in the business. As our consultant for the Jubilee Catholic Schools, I have known and valued Michel for her integrity, drive, and ability to know and understand the most effective use of communication skills, especially the social media. She is a person from whom one expects greatness, and will not be disappointed. If you are interested in spreading the word about your business, or projects, I recommend Michel Allen wholeheartedly!"
October 11, 2011
Dr. Mary C. McDonald, Superintendent of Catholic Schools, Memphis, TN

“I came to know Michel when I wandered into her gallery in Chelsea one evening. Not only was I impressed by her curator's eye, I have become impressed with Michel as a person and a professional. She brings a unique, sophisticated sense of enthusiasm to everything she does. Ethical, honest and reliable, Michel is a gifted marketer and salesperson. She is versatile and flexible; she has succeeded at every sales task set before her. Michel is a self-starter, able to take the bull by the horns and achieve goals established for her or by her. In short, a gem.”
October 21, 2009
Ralph Westerhoff, Managing Director & Principal, BrikWork Search | Transitions | Consulting | Reports


“I have know Michel Allen for several years running across each other in various projects. She has always produced great results for me based on her knowledge and experience. I highly recommend her.”
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

August 21, 2009
Paul Vandekar, Earle D. Vandekar of Kinghtsbridge Inc.


“There are few people I've met throughout my sales career that I would trust implicitly, but Michel Allen is one of them. Although we concentrated on separate publications within the same company, I constantly looked to her as a mentor because she is exactly the kind of professional I strive to be: passionate and knowledgeable, savvy and kind, driven and motivating. I would confidently recommend Michel for any project or company lucky enough to capture her interest.”
April 14, 2010
Kevin Montgomery, Publisher, LTB Media / Museums Magazine & Gallery Guide